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Scholars Home is committed to establish this educational platform as the most reliable, qualified online knowledge practicing platform. We appreciate anyone to create an account to learn in our open online learning platform. Our live streaming online learning and training platform approves any qualified teacher to share their knowledge through the virtual world.

Students, learners, knowledge seekers will spend their money to enhance their knowledge, skills on our live learning education platform. Same as scholars, teachers, instructors, trainers will share their valuable knowledge. To keep all of our users safe, secure and relax we need rules and explain some terms. The terms is applicable for all of the channel of Scholars Home. To keep all of our users safe, secure and relax we need rules and explain some terms. The terms is applicable for all of the channel of Scholars Home.

1.User Account

To perform an activity on Scholars Home, every user needs to create an account. Individually users are liable for their accounts credentials. Users must keep in safe their account credentials and not share with other sources which may create a risk. In any suspicious case, the user must inform to the support team of Scholars Home.

Users must be in practice with the Government laws relevant to online platforms. Liabilities of any unlawful activities by the users will go upon themselves. Creating an account is absolutely free for all users and access for a lifetime unless the violation of rules.

2.Topic / Course Starting

To start learning a topic user need to hire a teacher for respective courses. Before booking the schedule with a teacher user must check the teacher’s or instructor’s profile, rating, background by their own responsibility. Once the class will start and the user may get some resources from the teacher, which will not sharable to any person or platform. User is not permitted to share the class video to any person or platform.

In case of sharing the content of Scholars Home which may cause the violation of copyright law. Users can complain to the support team of Scholars home about any valid reason for getting their service from the teachers. One free class is available for each user for once. User is given this opportunity to get the idea about our teachers and platform.

3.Payments and Refunds

Legal and valid payment methods are acceptable in our online educational platform. If there is any complicacy to pay the payment from our system, users are most welcome to make complain to our support team. Scholars, Teachers, Instructors have the freedom to charge for their per hour service. Once the user confirms the schedule with a Teacher, the payment will deduct automatically from the user’s account.Students and Teachers both will be notified for the successful payment transaction by email.

There is no scope to refund the amount which has deducted once unless the teacher cancels the appointment. In case of cancellation of the appointment the payment will refund within 10 working days to the user's account. For any kind of payment scam, user’s account will banned permanently.

Teachers will get their payment monthly basis from Scholars Home. A little amount will deduct from each transaction as our service and maintenance fee. Due to the weekend, a day off situation payment transfer may delay for a few days. For any query regarding payment issues, Teachers are always most welcome to contact our support team with specific points and documents.


Scholars Home also holds ownership of the resources and content shared by the teachers on the Scholars Home platform. Who can use it for any purpose like publishing on different online media or anywhere else.

Teachers are not permitted to share any irrelevant content to the users. Teachers are bound to share the quality resources for the students.


Students and Teachers can communicate with each other after the settlement of an appointment. Where students and teachers can call or message each other.If any abusing or misbehave occur from any end, the user can complain to our support team. Once the complaint proved, the user will face the penalty of ban permanently.