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Details about all privacy policy of Scholars Home

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You are most welcome to Scholars Home. We always give the priority of privacy but provide our services and the various reason we need to store customer data. In a short brief below we describe how we collect user data and to whom we share it. If you think this policy is not in your favor, you are most welcome to leave.

We may collect different data from users which depends on user activities.

  • 1.Users need to create an account to perform any activity on our Scholars Home. As a user is providing his/her personal data like address, email, phone number, we store it in our database.
  • 2. From user profile data we get the photo, social profile, expertise and other relevant data.
  • 3. Teachers are sharing various resources for the students, we store it in our database.
  • 4. We also need to store user expertise or what topic the user interested to enroll in.
  • 5. User message data also we collect for our research.
  • 6. User payment data is also stored for the use of our system. But Scholars home never store the credit card authentication data. We only store the name and card number for the reference.
  • 7. We also collect user data by third-party tools like Facebook, Google Analytics and other analytics tools.

We use the users' data to provide our services and communicate with the users. To secure the platform and for taking action against fraud and abuse we also use customer data. To improve our service and analyze users' demands and feedback we use customer data.

We need to share users' data in various situations. We share students' and teachers' data with each other. We also share data with our service provider like payment processing, data analysis, marketing, advertising purpose. For any query on our privacy policy, you are most welcome to our support team.